ISTE SIGVE EDuMachinima Fest …and the Winners are

Avatars pull their Pixel cars into the SIGVE Drive In Movie to watch machinima submitted by students and teachers in the 2012 EDuMachinima Fest.

On June 26th the SIGVE EDuMachinima Fest was held in the San Diego Convention Center as well as in Second lIfe at the new SIGVE Drive In Movie Theatre.  Attendees watched all entries and heard the names of the winners.  The entries ranged in style, genre, and use of software.  Entires were both student and teacher produced as well as some community entries and each one had something to offer for teaching and learning.   The show started with the release of a crowd sourced Machinima titled “We All Just Wanna Be Machinima Stars” a product created primarily from MOOC participants learning and perfecting their machinima skills.

Here are the 2012 EDu Machinima Fest winners.

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