Machinima for Education

Blue and Grid

Scoping out the EduMachinima Theater on Front Range in Second Life.

A group to support the development and use of machinima in education will begin meeting bi-weekly, starting on Monday September 16 at the Front Range Sim in Second Life.  The SLURL for the meeting is and the meeting will begin at 6:00 PM SL time (9:00 PM EST).  All educators interested in using machinima or video capture are welcome to the free and open event.  You will need to register for a Second Life account (free) and find your way to the  Front Range location .

Machinima has been used by gamers to chronicle achievements and learn from mistakes and by artists to create video that would be impossible to create in “real life”.  Most recently, Minecraft players of all ages have been creating machinima to tell stories, explain processes, give information, and just capture the fun in video format.  Machinima is a promising art form, using video capture of computer games and/or virtual world activity to make a movie.  There is a need for many of the requirements in making movies in the physical word such as script writing, directing, camera work, special effects, sound editing, video editing, acting, costume design and set design.  Potential abounds, for teachers and students alike, in using this art form of media creation and manipulation for teaching and learning.

The group is being facilitated by educators from different states who have worked together, remotely, to develop machinima and use virtual environments for teaching and learning .   Their objective is to support veteran machinima makers as well as to guide those who are new to the art form.  There are plans to create as well as to review and discuss processes and products.  The Front Range sim has a variety of  “sets” ready to spark ideas and allow for moviemaking.

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