ISTE 2012, SIGVE, Machinima and More

SIGVEs new Headquarters on Second Life is geared up for the ISTE 2012 Conference. You can attend in San Diego or INworld, or both.

The ISTE 2012 Conference in San Diego is about to start and  SIGVE, along with all the other SIGs (special interest groups) are gearing up to interact, share and possibly join forces on behalf of teaching and learning.  An annual physical world event offers a different venue and opportunity, combined with the virtual enhancements, the networking opportunities can expand exponentially.

If you cannot physically travel to San Diego you can still participate in the conference in a number of ways including Twitter, various Nings, Wikis, Hangouts, PLNs, and via SIGVEs island on Second Life.  Participants in San Diego can attend sessions physically and participants in other parts of the world can join by logging into Second Life and teleporting to SIGVE’s new headquarters at .

SIGVE will host presentations on Monday, June 25, at the the SIGVE Playground, as well as a Machinima Fest on Tuesday, June 26.  The presentations on June 25 includes a varied schedule  ranging from a session for beginners to a session on Alternative and Augmented  Reality Games.  San Diego attendees can get the full benefit of hearing these dynamic educators present the cutting edge topics at the SDCC Sails Pavilion while virtual attendees can logon to Second Life and head over to the SIGVE Headquarters.  The full Schedule and session descriptions are on the SIGVE Weebly site.  Here’s the short version (Times are all San Diego Time):

8:30-9:15       Minnie Ladores – One Prim Wonders: Fun Projects for Beginners

9:30-10:15     Kae Novak and Chris Luchs – Mixed Realities: AR, ARGs, Machinima & MOOCs

10:30-11:15    Bron Stuckey – Massively Minecraft

11:30-12:15    Scott Merrick – Kitely

1:00-1:45        Bron Stuckey – Quest Atlantis to Atlantis Remixed

2:00-2:45      Gord Holden – Active Worlds & Project Based Learning

3:00-4:00     Lucas Gilespie  Minecraft – Wow in School

Checking out a potential car for the drive in movie theater. The final version of the build promises to be fun and interactive.

On June 26th,  5:30pm–7:30pm PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) SIGVE is hosting the EDuMachinima Fest at SDCC 5 in the physical world and at “virtual drive in movie theatre” on second life.  The theater is on property adjacent to SIGVE Headquarters and worth logging in just to sit in the cars and “feel” the ambiance.  The vibe is a bit 50’s but the teaching and learning is all 21st Century.  Machinima entries are from students as well as from teachers and voting is now open at–EduMachinima+Festival+2012.

The Virtual Worlds Hut on SIGVE property contains information worth checking out.

Before, after and between sessions visitors to the SIGVE virtual space can visit the Bloggers hut, virtual worlds hut and drop by next door to see the Virtual Pioneers Headquarters.  Each has links, freebies, and information reading the use of virtual worlds for teaching and learning.  Visitors are welcome to join the SIGVE group in-world to receive  messages regarding regular as well as special events.  Schedules are posted in-world and someone will be around to provide assistance to newcomers, both in world and at the SIGVE Playground.  Who says you can’t  be in two places at once?

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  1. Breaking news today: Sambiglyon, the owners of Eduisland 9, will be providing free supporting facilities for visitors to the SL version of the machinima festival in an area nearby on the sim. We will coordinate with the organizers of the SL section of the festival to provide something great!

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