Develop an Alternate Reality Game or Make Machinima

The VWBPE MOOC  (Massive Open Online Course) has spawned some OOCs.  The first one is an Open Online Course on developing Alternative Reality Games (ARGs) and the second is on creating  Machinima.  Again,  you may choose to participate actively or perhaps lurk and participate passively, either is free and will enhance your abilities in regards to Teaching and Learning in Virtual Worlds.

Learn to build an Alternate Reality Game at ARG Academy

The ARG Academy Open Online Course begins on Monday May 7 and ends on Monday May 28, 2012.  The 3-week course has an objective developing an ARG to be used at the ISTE Conference in June as well as providing resources, atmosphere and collaboration for individuals or groups to build ARGs to be used in their own teaching and learning environments.

Expand your Machinima skills in the Machinima Open Online Course.

The Machinima Open Online Course begins on Monday June 4 and ends on Monday June 18, 2012.  The 3-week course is designed for people who want to learn more about Machinima production in virtual worlds and MMORPGs.  Those interested in entering a machinima in the SIGVE EDUMachinima Fest may very we’ll choose to do it through the course.  Participants may choose to work alone but are encouraged to develop a machinima as a group.

Individuals who participate in both courses may choose to use the Machinima to enhance the elements of the Alternative Reality Game.  Sign up at P2P University to participate in any or all of this fun and free opportunity to extend your learning.  Both synchronous and asynchronous activities are included and synchronous times will vary to meet needs of those in different time zones.

6 comments on “Develop an Alternate Reality Game or Make Machinima

  1. Well why not come and lurk tonight? we are on SL at 6 SL time at Front Range college Campus. I don’t have the slurp on me but when you logon look for Tanya Smedley (aka Gridjumper) and I’ll tp u over. Tonight is just an overview and discussion on ARGs. The Machinima part does not start for 3 weeks.
    In the meantime maybe you would consider being a SIGVE speaker? Each 3rd tuesday of the month ISTE sponsors a speaker on SL usually, and field trips are always fun…we are working on a schedule for next year. Up to November. So November is open or January 2013. Let me know…perhaps we will meet tonight on sl.

  2. From what I have seen, what you are doing looks great. I would love to visit some day….Besides the MOOC, and there will be more, perhaps you would consider presenting at a SIGVE Speaker session? 3rd Tuesday of each month SIGVE (the virtual environment special interest group for ISTE) sponsors a speaker in world on Second Life. Presenting your world and/or maybe a field trip would be so very cool.

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  4. Ener Hax dropped me a note on this post and it’s fantastic! We would love to participate in the future once we figure out the hypergrid protocol for our grid (lol, “we” means Ener!).

    Our work is not done yet and our focus is the workbook for the next few months and then we are planning on having “open house” hours and this type of endeavor, a MOOC, is ideal!

  5. dang, i don’t know enough about hypergridding to setup our Enclave Harbour for this! this would be really cool to participate in, even if only as a way to allow others to practive filming on our grid

    i’ll let our subQuark know about this for the future because he spoke at conferences in 2008 and ’09 about machininma for corporate eLearning

    good luck with this course, this is a really positive thing and i don’t know how i completely missed this (the last 6 months have been getting full of huge distractions taking time away from my vw endeavors) =\

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