VWBPE 2012 – The Sequel….MOOC

VWBPE attendees listen attentively to a presenter at the VWBPE 2012 Conference.

Conferences are a great immersive experience effective in igniting action and implementation of new ideas.  The VWBPE 2012 Conference has provided an abundance of ideas, from using virtual games (yes games) for learning to using virtual environments for business and industry training.

With all those ideas swirling in my head I know they’ll get lost without some coaching and prodding and a little time to discuss and share and just let it sink in.  Enter “The Sequel”….The VWBPE MOOC.  Participation in the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) will provide gentle nudging from your peers and from those who may know a little more than you or are just willing to facilitate for the good of the cause.

The MOOC provides an opportunity to practice and spend a little more time on some focused topics presented at the Conference.  You may choose to actively participate or perhaps lurk and participate passively, either is free and will help you to get more out of the VWBPE Conference on Teaching and Learning pin Virtual Worlds.  It lasts for 4 weeks, each week being independent so you may choose to attend any or all.

Week 1 – Virtual Worlds Tours  Mar 19 – 24
Week 2 – Machinima Mar 26 – Apr 1
Week 3 – World of Warcraft  Apr 2 -8
Week 4 – Bleeding Edge Apr 9 – 16
Check out the MOOC Portal  and sign up at P2P University to participate in any or all four weeks of this fun and free opportunity to extend your learning.

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