Machinima at VWBPE 2012

The Machinima Track  at VWBPE is again filled with a variety of sessions to guide educators in using this strategy for teaching and learning.  The FULL Conference schedule is located at:  Each session has a description and direct link to the specific location in the virtual world where the session is to take place.  The Machinima Track schedule is linked from the Main Conference schedule, contains descriptions of each session and provides both a link to  locations of specific sessions and links to the Machinima submitted for this years EDUmachinima Fest.
EDUmachinima Fest entries are examples from both instructors and students with some from non-educators.  Each provides an examples of the use of virtual worlds in education.  VWBPE participants will have the opportunity to watch the videos as a group, always fun to watch and chat in the back channel with your colleagues, during the Conference beginning on March 15.
The VWBPE Machinima track presentations offer advice, demonstrations and answers to questions you may have about this strategy within virtual worlds.  The 4-week MOOC following the conference will devote 1 full week to the topic of machinima.  Those interested in participating in the MOOC should sign up in P2P.

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