Digitally Amplified Literature in the Virtual World

A poem from one of the character’s in the story.

Rod Humble of Linden Labs recently described the Virtual World as “creative space”.  Jeddin’s Underground City sim on Second Life is a creative space melding the ideas of Descending Road author/creator with 3D artistry and SL scripting to make what the artist describes as “digitally amplified literature”.

Dana Paxson, Jeddin Laval on SL,  has spent much time writing, building and scripting to create a space that aligns to his writings and to amplify the experience beyond what we are accustomed to in traditional literature.

Hotspots throughout the space allow the participant to link to the story as it appears on the web.

One can read the work online and/or participate in the science fiction story at  The literary experience is unlike any we are used to, the story can be picked up at any point as it is not linear, and according to the author, ongoing.  The virtual world build provides links to the story on the web as well as words and 3D representations to describe the culture, architecture, biology  and geography of the fiction.

The virtual build includes interactive points which react to an avatar’s touch.  A touch brings up a staircase leading to hatchling chambers, chutes lead to a cellar of water and numerous doors open to rooms yielding various surprises.

Media has changed dramatically and continues to change.  Storytelling can take advantage of these changes.  Creativity has an opportunity to flourish and though unusual, this form of storytelling  is intriguing and will certainly spawn additional yet unknown forms of storytelling for the 21st century.

The cellar pool and a mysterious energy.

Looking down over the top of the fetal android chambers for the beings in the Descending Road story.

Stairs appear at a touch to lead up to hatchling chambers.

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