A Connected Educators Hour Inworld

August 21, 2012 Connected Hour with SIGVE

In celebration of Connected Educator’s Month, SIGVE is hosting a Connected hour with some of the most innovative educators around.  On August 21 at 9PM EST a tour covering 6 virtual destinations will begin at SIGVE headquarters on Second Life.  The tour will also be broadcast live and viewable on Youtube.  Tours will provide information regarding ongoing connected activities for educators.  Questions will be taken throughout the tour both in-world and on the stream.

The tour will begin with a look at World of War-Craft with Peggy Sheehy showing and telling tell us about the educational and professional development activities that take place in World of Warcraft and in the Cognitive Dissonance Guild.  Peggy has been using World of Warcraft with middle school students for several years and has documented her success.

The second stop of the tour is Front Range, a Colorado higher education based sim on Second Life.  Kae Novak will provide a tour of the current sim, though it constantly evolving, and provide  information regarding the educational games related activities planned for the year.  Front Range is the “headquarters” for activity in-world related to the ongoing Games MOOC.

VSTE on Second Life will be the third stop of the Connected Hour.  The Virginia based Technology group  sponsor a variety of publicly accessible events on their island in Second Life all year long. Events range from book talks to speakers to tours. Interested individuals can follow along on the tour in world or watch the stream, but can visit anytime.

SLEEC is another Second Life sim  run from Escambia County in the Florida Panhandle.  The activities at SLEEC range from professional development to a student science sim for middle and high school students that just opened this year.  SLEEC sponsors ongoing events also listed on the connected “Massive” calendar.

Those interested in the social studies will find the Virtual Pioneers tour/brief inviting.   Serena Offcourse will take everyone on a tour of the headquarters, located adjacent to the SIGVE island on Second LIfe.  Virtual Pioneers holds weekly virtual field trips related to history, geography and culture.

The tour will wrap up at the new ISTE/SIGVE location on Second Life.  Though smaller than the previous location, regularly scheduled events continue and additional ones are planned.  Adjacent properties are owned and operated by educators who contribute time and use of property to enhance this innovative and growing interest in immersive environments.

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