ready for FETC

Educators discuss their FETC presentation as they play in World of Warcraft

During the Summer of 2012, a free MOOC (massive open online courses) was conducted on games for learning. The session was led by Front Range Community College Faculty  who invited educators from around the country to contribute.  Over 400 educators from K-adult around the world gathered in Second Life, Opensim, and World of Warcraft  to hear experts, see demonstrations, create machinima, develop an ARG and play games together to explore emergent themes. Sessions included different levels of participation using Dr. Lisa Dawley’s  Social Network Knowledge Construction Model of experiential engagement. If you are at FETC this week you can attend a presentation from some who collaborated to support the global, networked community, the founder will be available online for Q and A. The community continues to create professional development opportunities.

Those at FETC in Orlando can attend  CS9256 – Game MOOC: Experiential Engagement and Transformation at 1:00 PM – 1:40 PM Thursday January 31.

• Join the GameMOOC Edmodo group to see resources and sign up for the next Game MOOC session
• Join the next Game MOOC at that starts  March 18, 2013 for 6 weeks til April 22, 2013 Next New Game MOOC Topics include:
–Build the Game using Apps
–AR and ARGs

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