Virtual Pioneers To Host History Conference 2012- Virtually

The Virtual Pioneers are hosting the Second Annual History Conference 2012 on Friday, January 20 – Saturday January 21.  All educators, particularly those who teach the Social Studies are invited to attend this fun, free event online. You will need to register a free account on Second Life , if you do not already have one.

Inside the Holocaust Museum on SL.

The conference begins at 3:00 pm SLT (6:00 PM EST).  Newcomer to Virtual Environments can acclimate in an orientation area at the New Phoenixia Help Area prior to the 4:00 PM SLT (7:00PM EST) Keynote speaker.  David Klevan (SL- Eubie Doobie) from the US Memorial Holocaust- Kristalnacht Exhibit, will deliver the Keynote address.  Following the Keynote address, attendees will be given a tour of Renaissance Island to include the Globe Theatre, and an authentic joust.  Historical clothes will be available for purchase and for free.

On Saturday, January 21, 9:00 am SLT attendees are invited to a Scavenger Hunt and Pictorial Collection Kick Off. Participants will be provided with notecards and directions with an opportunity to win 1000 Lindens. At 10:00 am SLT (1:00 PM EST) Spiff Whitfield will highlight his work using a Reaction Grid Open sim environment that gives students a glimpse into the history of the Holocaust.  Attendees will  see how students are guided through a series of activities involving the 1942-44 streets of Amsterdam where Anne Frank and her family lay in hiding.  A second island on Spiff’s Reaction Grid sim is one to be used for a Medieval Roleplaying sim for 6th grade students to learn about the life and challenges of this age.

At 11:30 SLT (2:30 EST) Bigd Flanagan and Kimmer Jameson will present on WoW and the skills learned that enable students to build college and career readiness.  Students from participating high school classes will be ncluded as co-presenters.

Shops in the 1920's Berlin Sim. A guided Tour will be provided for Virtual Pioneer Conference attendees.

Then at 1:00 pm SLT (4:00 PM EST) conference attendees will have a tour of 1920 Berlin in the 1920s.  Period attire is required to board the train and available for free at the teleporting arrival location.

At 2:30 pm SLT (5:30 PM EST) CathyWyo1 Haystack will give a presentation on how to study photographs for history, traditions and culture. Following Cathy’s presentation at 4:00 pm SLT (7:00PM EST) Jacon Cortes, Texas Attorney General, will lead attendees on a walking tour of Antiquity Texas, an 1800’s role-playing sim.

The Texas Antiquity Sim will be another historic Role Playing destination for Conference attendees.

After all the flying and teleporting conference attendees will have an opportunity to relax, dance and listen to some music  at the End of Conference Gala Ball.   Satin Galli and Erin68 Frog, a physical world couple will perform together in the virtual world.  The social event at the end of the conference promises to be an opportunity to chat with fellow educators and just enjoy the live music.  The “time traveling” event is one that will enrich your knowledge of the past and provide insight for the guidance of students.

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