Edublogs Awards Not So Short List

This morning as I sat down with my morning coffee and iPhone I had a pleasant surprise, someone had nominated this blog for the “Best ed tech / resource sharing blog 2011” and….. this very blog is on the list of finalists.  I must thank the someone and am pleased that the linked listing will potentially bring attention to the idea of using Virtual Environments for teaching and learning.

Of course I am flattered and honored to have this blog included and am struck by the quality and quantity  of great information.  As I look through the not so short list of nominated blogs on the lists I’m thrilled to see that so many educators are involved with blogging and digital networking because it means that the not so short list of educators are sharing and the sharing goes beyond their school, district, state and country.

There are some I will definitely follow, some I will Tweet and bookmark, and some I will refer to colleagues.  Each is worth a look – be sure to go to the site at and peruse the lists that interest you and then vote for those that you found most useful.

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