Choreographed Particles

A still image captured from the animation of "Phantasmagoria".

Some performances in Virtual Worlds are simulations of real world events, others are entirely unique and can really only be totally appreciated if attended “inworld”.  One of these is the work of Tyrehl Byk in Second Life.  Tyrehl presents more than an ordinary particle show, his carefully choreographed pixels provide 24 minutes of visuals set to music, delivering a mood and a message.  Tyrehl has two distinct shows, one is called “Catharsis and the other “Particle Phantasmagoria”.  Both are well worth attending.

Attendees wait for the Choreographed Pixel show at the Event Horizon Theatre in Second Life.

Participants must be seated to allow the Event Horizon Theater to take each avatar camera on an  immersive, somewhat abstract particle show.

Tyrehl Byk is a photographer  and clearly incorporates his visual esthetic into the digital experience provided during the show.    It is a scripted show which took hours per final minute of show to create. The shows are intentionally designed to be a shared in-world experience, the chatter during the event and the way different systems and hardware inform each participant experience are all part of the art  – never quite the same.  This is the last weekend of performances at he LEA location. (

A still image from the choreographed performance "Catharsis".

Not-A-Knot Build in Second Life

The Linden Endowment for the Arts has provided Tyrehl with a sim for an additional art work, “Not-A-Knot” (, a ‘walk through’ experience, the subtleties and most of what is important needs to be ‘looked for’ in the build.   Additionally, Tyrehl will be presenting a 10-minute performance for Frolic Mills’ Miss Virtual World Pagent in December.

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