Get Inspired in the Virtual World

Inspiration Island on Second Life is a visual and auditory treat that you will want to return to. Be sure that you have QuickTime loaded onto your computer, have audio and video streaming enabled, your speakers turned up and then TP over to ……..Grandmar Island 162,147,21

The geodesic structure at Inspiration Island contains stages and a kalaidescopic tunnel

Upon arriving you will see thousands of Prims and you will walk on/in shallow water, reminiscent of walking through the flats of the Florida Keys at low tide. The interesting thing about the thousands of prims and the water is that each displays video streamed in from Youtube.

The magnificent multi-K structure broadcasting machinima

You can walk around the geodesic structure and find your way through a 500+ Prim tunnel, a little dizzying at times, also displaying the video that happens to be playing at that time. The tunnel takes you to a dome with a stage where you can take in the video and audio.

This entire structure and several staging areas are locations where the owner of the sim, Flimsey Freenote, creates Music Video Machinima. Her work can be seen on You Tube as well as on this Inspiration Island. The machinima Flimsey has created are music videos that rival anything you have seen on MTV.

The viewing area at the end of the tunnel

If you are real lucky, as I was, you may run into Flimsey and she may take you for a tour of the parts of the sim that are restricted to general visitors. Here you will experience environments, classrooms, and rooms used for education and counseling purposes. Flimsey builds for public and private entities.

A traditional classroom environment on Inspiration Island

An office environment for conferencing and counseling inworld

One of the many less traditinal classroom environments on Inspiration Island

Upon leaving you may very well be inspired to participate in these environments as a teacher, counselor or student. You may even be inspired to build, perform, or create machinima.

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