VWBPE Conference Begins with Authentic Enthusiasm

The Virtual World Best Practices in Education Conference  began on March 17 with over 200 attendees either on one of the 20 sims,  watching on treet tv, and/or following on Twitter.

Botgirl Questi and her alter ego presenting the Keynote Address.

Botgirl Questi and her alter ego delivered the keynote address discussing identity, multiple personality capability and the use of virtual identity for positive change.  The session was recorded and can be viewed at Treet TV.

Following the keynote, educators from around the world transported their avatars to multiple venues and grids to learn more about the use of virtual spaces for education.  Two more days of expert presentations are scheduled.

A variety of social events including multiple person bicycle rides and music and dancing at an Irish pub are available all 3 days.

The builds, a collaborative effort of  many hours, are elaborate and imaginative creations in a Steampunk theme.  All 20 sims will be dropping into the pixel sea at the end of the month so teleport over to  http://slurl.com/secondlife/VWBPE%20Central%202/3/19/42 and fly around while it is still there.  Take some photos, capture some video and sit in on a session or two.  You may just learn something.