VW Learning Curve

Teaching and helping someone makes the teacher a better teacher – (perhaps a case for peer mentoring).  Helping others to participate in a Virtual World requires patience, thorough comfort with and knowledge of the virtual environment, and practice.  My advice to anyone seeking to encourage colleagues to use a virtual environment for education is to first become something of an expert and practice giving assistance to others whenever an opportunity arises,  it will make you a better instructor.  Good teachers know the answers and how to best instruct partly because they have heard the same questions so many times and they have had to explain to many students with a variety of learning styles and requirements.  There is a learning curve in using virtual worlds.  When individuals become frustrated they often want to quit, give-up.  To keep the frustration at bay the teacher/helper needs the solutions in the adequate amount at the correct time in the appropriate modality for the learner.  Adopting the use of virtual environments in education is going to take time.

One comment on “VW Learning Curve

  1. My first experience with Second Life resulted in my avatar walking around with a box around her body until a friendly avatar mentor explained the correct way to put on clothing. Mentors,even avatar mentors, are very important in the virtual world. Mentors help by providing useful information and more importantly–they save us valuable time by sharing what they have learned.

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